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Asi Levi (Hebrew: אסי לוי‎‎; born September 28, 1969 in Tel Aviv) is an Israeli Film Academy Award winning actress.[2]


Levi attended and graduated the Yoram Levinstein School of Acting in southern Tel Aviv.[1]

Levi's early appearances include films such as HaShiva (1995), Kesher Ir (Urban Feel; 1998) and HaBoleshet Hokeret (The Investigation Must Go On; 2000), alongside Moshe Ivgy. For the latter two she received an Israeli Film Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.[citation needed] She has also appeared in several television shows, including Cafe Paris and HaBurganim.

In 2004, she played the leading role in Raphael Nadjari's film Avanim,[2] which was presented in the Berlin Film Festival as a Panorama: Special Presentation, and also won several awards across Europe, including Best Film at the Cinema Tout Ecran in Geneva.[citation needed]

Her best-known appearance was in Aviva Ahuvati (Aviva, My Love), a 2006 film by Shemi Zarhin, in which she played the leading role. The film became popular in Israel and earned Levi significantly wider recognition, as well as her third Israeli Film Academy Award, this time for Best Actress.[citation needed]

In 2008, Levi appeared on the Israeli television series BeTipul.

Personal life

Levi has two daughters with her ex-husband Yaniv Kaufman.[3] Currently, she is in a relationship with dancer Tamar Shelef.[4]


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