Adir Miller (Hebrew: אדיר מילר‎‎, born 16 June 1974) is an Israeli actor, screenwriter and comedian.


Standup and TV

Miller's professional career started in 1999, when he appeared in a stand-up comedy series called Domino, alongside Asi Cohen and Guri Alfi, among others. Afterwards he appeared in The Domino Effect and in Dudu Topaz's First in Entertainment on the Israeli Channel 2.

In 2000, Miller started his own comedy show, named Adir Miller after himself. He simultaneously appeared as a comedian in Yair Lapid's show on Channel 2. In 2002, he began a humoristic talk show called The Adir Evening, which lasted 4 seasons. In 2005 he hosted the program Our Movie, and the satire show Culture Hall together with the Ma Kashur trio.

In 2008 Miller created and co-authored the sitcom Ramzor ("traffic light") with screenwriter Ran Sarig. The show was broadcast on Israeli Channel 2. In 2010 the series won the Israeli TV Academy Award (פרס האקדמיה לטלוויזיה) in the category of best comedy series and was also the first Israeli TV series to win an international Emmy award in the best comedy category.[1]


In 2006 Miller appeared in the musical HaLahaka as Paul Aviv (the role which Tuvia Tzafir played in the original film). In 2009 Miller appeared in the leading role in the play "mother-in-law" (החותנת) in the Habima Theatre.


In 2007 Miller played in the film The Secrets.In 2010 Miller played a lead role in Avi Nesher's film The Matchmaker.[2] For this role Miller won an Ophir Award in 2010 in the best leading actor category. In 2013 Miller played a second lead role in Avi Nesher's film "Plaot".

Personal Life

Adir Miller is married and has three children.

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