Stolen Summer is a 2002 drama film about a Catholic boy who befriends a terminally ill Jewish boy and tries to convert him, believing that it is the only way the Jewish boy will get to Heaven. Directed by first time writer/director Pete Jones, Stolen Summer is the first film produced for Project Greenlight, an independent film competition created by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, and sponsored by HBO.[1]Project Greenlight aired on HBO as a documentary series chronicling the selection of Jones's script from approximately seven thousand entries, and the production of the film in Chicago in 2001.

The film's casting department considered the casting of the Jewish Adi Stein as the Catholic Pete O'Malley an ironic joke, due to the character's attempting to convert a Jewish boy to Catholicism.[2][3]


Actor Role
Adi Stein Pete O'Malley
Mike Weinberg Danny Jacobsen
Aidan Quinn Joe O'Malley
Bonnie Hunt Margaret O'Malley
Kevin Pollak Rabbi Jacobsen
Brian Dennehy Father Kelly
Ryan Jonathan Kelley Seamus O'Malley
Eddie Kaye Thomas Patrick O'Malley
Will Malnati Eddie O'Malley

Box office

The domestic total gross for the film was $134,726. Production costs were $1.8 million.[4]


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