Adi Ezroni (Hebrew: עדי עזרוני‎‎; born November 16, 1978) is an Israeli actress, model, producer, and TV presenter.[1][2]


Two weeks after she was discharged from the IDF, Ezroni joined the Israeli kids channel, Arutz HaYeladim, where she worked until 2005.[3] She played in "Zbeng!" as Sivan, "Hapijamot" as a Guest Star and in the movie "Wild" as Rananit. She also modeled for "Lord Kitsch".

Ezroni has appeared in Israeli commercials for Bezek, Elite and Spring, and appeared alongside many other participants in "Festigal 2001", where she sang "Riding on Dragons".

On Channel 10, Ezroni appeared as Shira in the drama "Matay Nitnashek", with Lior Ashkenazi.

In 2010, Ezroni produced the film "Holly".[1][4] In that year she start to play in the drama "Hatufim" ("Hostages") as Yael Ben-Hurin.[1]


As producer


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