A. A. Kabak in the 1920s

Aharon Avraham Kabak (Smorgon, 1880 - Jerusalem 1944) was a Lithuanian born Hebrew language author. He was recipient of the Bialik Prize for Literature in 1943.

His "On the narrow path" Ba-Mishcol Ha-Tsar was a novelization of the life of Yeshu, Jesus of Nazareth.[1][2]


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  2. ^ Literature east & west: 14 Modern Language Association of America. Oriental-Western Literary Relations Group, Modern Language Association of America. Conference on Oriental-Western Literary Relations - 1970 "Kabak attempts to convince the reader that Jesus desired his death because he realized that he had nothing more to give to his brethren. The author portrays Jesus the man, as he lived in the Galilee of two thousand years ago."